Posted by: Arohi Shah | October 12, 2009

Guy Hunting.

Experience with Guy Hunting.

It seems very strange to see guys for marriage proposal. I am one of them who are searching for a guy. I like to share my experience with guy hunting.

Now it becomes so boring for me to hunt guy and arrange meetings. I don’t remember how many guys I have seen. Still some moments stuck into the mind which I am writing here.

When I saw very first guy, I was so nervous. At that time I don’t want to see guy but somehow my relatives and parents were forcing me to see, so I accepted. I don’t know even what I should ask to him. Nobody had advice me about that. My anxiety was increased when time comes near to meet him. Actually I was not inner happy but I was laughing stupidly thinking that how that guy will be. He was an eye specialist. When they came to home I just grinned to them. Her mother was staring at me. Actually she couldn’t see me properly as she sat paralleled to me. So, she was trying to see me by turning herself. After few minutes, I and that guy was gone to separate room. We talked few minutes about education, work and interests. After they gone I laughed a lot. It was very funny moment for me.

After few months, I saw one guy at Baroda. He was Electrical engineer.

I and my mom went with my aunt in her car.  My aunt forced me to sit besides driver’s seat that I didn’t like but I had to. When we reached to his place they are waiting for us. His dad also asked that who that guy in the car is because he saw me to come out from the car. He thought he should be our relative. He also feels odd that why I was sat besides the driver’s seat as there was a space back side seat in the car. Here also I had meeting in separate room. We talked about education, college learns from, company, job and family members. He was nice guy but his height was low. His parents were also very nice and they all are very kind people. But still I didn’t like the guy to marry with him. At present my mom suggests me to think about that guy. But I can’t…………………

Now turns for the guy from Ahmedabad. I don’t remember what he has studied. May be he was B.E Environmental. He also had put his file for Australia PR. I went to his home with my cousin and my aunt.  At that day we went at afternoon in very high temperature. After reached to their place we sat and can’t see each other’s face because they have closed all the doors and windows of their home, so there is very darkness in the room. May be there was so much hot at that day so. Even they have not switch on tube light or bulb. When I went with him to talk separately, I have seen his face. We talked about education, work and family. When I asked something to him he was not answering properly and problem was I can’t understand what he was saying due to his low voice. I had to ask him twice. I didn’t like this attitude. Even I come to know that my cousin also marked this. One of my cousin also saw him and rejected him for this reason.

One day I saw the guy who was MCA from Canada. The meeting was quite ok. But not finalized him to attend second meeting with him as I had to see another guy on the same day.

At that evening I and mom went to another place to see the guy. He was architecture, so I was so excited to see him. Actually they told us to come at 7:30 p.m. we reached 5 minutes early. And the parents of that guy were not at home and he just came from his job. As we entered to his home he told that his mom is coming in few minutes.  We chat few times.  But he was feeling so shy as I thought he was attending meeting first time. I liked his passion of architectonic but somehow he was not interested me.

Day by day time goes and goes, and to see guy and arrange meetings becomes so boring and becomes so formal.

When some boys come from USA then there is a trend to see girl first by parents and after that if parents likes then they arrange meeting with his/her son. In this situation we becomes like ‘Bakra’. I don’t like this attitude.

After that I have started to send mails with photos and also like to get bio-data and photos through mails from the boy’s side. In this manner also some are not replying properly. I consist that if you have promised to send bio-data in reply of some other’s bio-data then why you can’t do it. It’s ok if you don’t like the photos or bio-data details then at least you should reply that ‘Not Interested.’ People become so arrogant by not replying any answer. I really don’t like this attitude. If I have seen some guys and I have promised to give him the answer, I will definitely give answer in Yes/No. And I have done this at my side. People should understand this and stop avoiding this attitude.

Now a day, it becomes so tedious to find a better heart. There are so many cases I have seen in my life but now I am really tired to write these all. So, I am stopping writing here for a guy hunting. Best of Luck to all of you who are going for an arrange marriages.